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Grupo Precisgal is a group formed by several companies dedicated to

Precisgal Utillaje S.L.U.

~Special parts and prototypes according to blue-print
~Gauges, inspection devices ans master parts.
~Special tools and turnkey projects (collects, Tobler systems, work holders, …)

Mecanizados Atlántida S.L.U.

~Design and manufacturing of assembly lines for different components.

Precisgal Componentes de Automoción S.L.U.

~Serial production of machined components for automotive and industrial sectors

Decuna S.L

~Development of automated systems, programing and robotics applications.
Grupo Precisgal Grupo Precisgal
Precisgal Utillaje The Grupo Precisgal started its activities in 1978. Since then, we have been in constant progress, growing in floor capabilities, manufacturing means and people skills to offer our customers the best possible quality and services. Precisgal Utillaje designs and manufactures inspection devices, production tools and high precision parts in special alloys, what are served to sectors like automotive, food packaging, pharmacy.
- Precision tools
- Conventional stamping tools and fine cutting die sets.
- Blowing molds
- Inspection devices
- Models and master parts
Mecanizados Atlántida Mecanizados Atlantida S.L., was created in 1987, since then we specialized in design, manufacturing, assembly, programing and set-up of component assembly lines for general industry and particularly for automotive sector. Thus in the early years the market was purely local, during last years, the expansion to international markets has created, the exportation to all continents, as an identity mark of Mecanizados Atlantida. The capability and experience on components assembly, mainly metallic components, has materialized in high complex projects, with a demanding robotics performance and with requirements of product foolproof, capable of satisfying the industry demands.
- Capital goods and assembly lines
- Precision grease dispensers.
- Stations for artificial visión inspection.
- Specific inspection systems and poka-yokes.
Precisgal Componentes Precisgal Componentes de Automoción L.A. was founded in 1997, the customers were demanding to attend the specific demands for machining mass production-Componentes.Since its foundation until now, Precisgal Componentes has been develop the machining mass production. Using as raw material steel and using turning, milling and grinding processes, now Precisgal Componentes supplies parts from Vigo to several continents.
-Components Automotive Serials
-ABS rings
-Magnetic encoders.
Decuna Decuna, as part of Grupo Precisgal, offers solutions, products and technologies in the industrial automation field, robotics, software, machinery and industrial processes.
The Company based in Vigo, supports customers around the world since 1990. With a focus on quality and service, it covers each link of the manufacturing chain.
Decuna performs the technology transfer to industrial processes in different markets, like can be automotive, wood industry, fisheries, stone processors, food industry, consumer goods, among many others.

Develop, manufacture and set-up of solutions, products, technologies and services in different areas:
- Robotics
- Artificial vision
- Industrial automation
- Traceability