Code of Business Conduct

Letter from the Chief Executive Officer

In the companies that make up Grupo Precisgal, we have always been committed to the highest standards of quality, safety and business ethics. We are certain that responsibility in our relations with our people and our environment will guarantee the success of our business project. This code of conduct establishes both rights and responsibilities that should guide the behaviour, in their daily activities, of the professionals who make up Grupo Precisgal. We therefore ask our professionals to respect both the ethical principles set out in this document and the legal frameworks of the countries in which we operate. All of us who are part of Grupo Precisgal have an ethical commitment to our work, a commitment that in turn our companies make to our customers, suppliers and society in general. The credibility of our companies and, consequently, their success depends on the behaviour of each one of us.

José Antonio Alonso Comesaña