Quality policy

The General Management of the Precisgal Group makes public, through this document, the company’s Quality Policy, to communicate the fundamental bases that govern the Quality Management System developed for the Group.

The Quality Policy is closely linked to the industrial, commercial, financial and social policy of the company, and its main guidelines are the following:

    • Quality must be present in all aspects of the organization and always focused on the satisfaction of our customers and the context of the organization. In order to achieve this, the focus on our processes and our leadership structure is key.
    • Systematics must be established that affect the optimization of resources to achieve the necessary efficiency so that the company remains economically stable and profitable.
    • The necessary guidelines for the identification, assessment, evaluation, analysis and treatment of external and internal risks of the organization will be established.
    • We will focus on the continuous improvement of our products and services, relying on recommendations from our main suppliers and collaborators, on our extensive experience and on the outstanding capacity of our workers.
    • It will be sought that all relevant interested parties understand the quality policy, and the role they play based on it.
    • Adequate resources and training will be provided to support the development and implementation of the quality system, establishing training programs that allow staff with a high level of qualification and competence.
    • Promote the health of all members of the organization through training, provision of means and prevention. In addition to promoting exemplary professional ethics.
    • Emphasis will be placed on keeping workstations tidy and clean to create a more productive environment.
    • Relentless care will be taken to ensure compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable to the activities of the different activities of the companies that make up the Group, both in our facilities and in the facilities of our clients, regardless of the country in which they are located.

This Quality Policy is the reference framework for developing these principles and for establishing the quality objectives that allow us to continuously improve our processes and the Quality Management System itself.

The Management is responsible for it being communicated and understood by the entire organization and its compliance, as well as its periodic review to adapt it to the regulations and the requirements of all the parties involved, facilitating the necessary resources for this.

Our mission is to provide our clients with products and services of the highest quality, which allow them to develop their business in the best conditions and to be leaders in their sector.

Our vision is to achieve excellence in the activities we carry out, being one of the leading Spanish companies, both in the manufacture of high-precision parts and in the development of systems and machines capable of serving the needs of the industry.